Cassidys’ prime objective is to deliver a caring and sensitive bereavement catering experience. We want to alleviate as much stress as possible by providing services that are simple and affordable according to your needs. Our after funeral refreshment services are as follows:

Beverage Package
Our beverage package includes tea, coffee, orange juice and alcohol packages. Contact us to discuss what beverage package best suits the needs of you and your guests.

Delivery Only
We understand that funeral arrangements can be emotionally difficult and due to the busyness of life, after funeral catering provides one less hassle to worry about. Cassidys can deliver your after funeral refreshments discreetly to your home or venue at your request.

Wait Staff On-Site
Exceptional customer service is of the utmost importance to us. Should you require servers for your after funeral catering, our experienced and well presented wait staff are more than willing to attend to the needs of your guests with empathy and care. Our wait staff will deliver kind, professional service that goes the extra mile.

Venue and Funeral Director Services
We can provide funeral catering from our own function centre at Allure Restaurant in Dural, to a venue of your choosing or your own home. Additionally, we can work directly with your Funeral Director to organise your catering needs.